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Holy Crap its been a while

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Sorry for the wait, 

So the end of last year and so far this year i got so busy i hadn't even updated my website till today, so i just posted up some new work , got some really great videos coming soon, thanks again for your patience, def bringing some heat this year. 


How I got the shot part 1

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so i am going to start making videos on these as well, not anything super how to , but just for people that are curious if this is in camera or after the fact, or if its a lighting thing . etc ...so here was a situation that i had a basic office room , i cleared out the room and was able to get a good amount of space from the wall about 15-20 feet, i was standing in the hallway shooting into the room but hey it worked. i knew i was not really going to be able to get full body shots, (this gig was to get photos of a costume theme package for an entertainment company here in vegas catalog fyi) so i went 3/4 on all the images mostly and got some closeups. I used 2 lights , one directly behind the subject with a standard 6 inch reflector and a blue gel (this changed depending on the character, example little red riding hood was red) then i added a small hotshoe light into my 4 foot octa with a grid and bam , theres thats all she wrote, i shot these at iso 100 at 2.8. Client was happy, so i was happy, photos needed to be delivered next day. so this is with little to no editing done. i might tweek them a little more in post later to give it a little extra something but thats the run down, shoot me a comment if you have questions ! 


Ever see something so amazing pictures can't even describe it.

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Rise Festval

So last year me and my wife purchased tickets to something called the Rise Lantern festival here in Las Vegas , i didn't go.....not because of my own doing, but i ended having a medical issue and was unable to attend, so this year i made a promise to myself and her that no matter what happened we would go, so come around 10 months later tickets are on sale....and the price was higher then last year ...no biggie but we made it work, i skipped out on 2 gigs...which tempted me from missing it again...but i still said no , i am going,  it was either go to an event i have wanted to see my whole life or make a little extra money.... we starting driving to the event and all the sudden we were stuck in complete grid lock .... about hour into waiting i wanted to throw in the towel and head back home, but i was determined to make this work, we stuck it out, i broke a few traffic laws and we made it into the event, and got a good spot, we waited to set off our lanterns in anticipation of the group launch at 9pm.....they gave us pens to draw on our lanterns , i dedicated sections of my lanterns to friends , family , love ones and inspirations .......we lit the lantern and at 9:02 we let it go....i was distracted at first just making sure we did it correctly that i didn't see what it looked like behind me at first......i turned around and felt something i have only felt a handful of times, my wife in her wedding dress being one ......so floored visually that i actually didn't take a picture of that exact moment, i kept that one for myself........but at the next launch i got this photo, to be honest nothing will ever match what my eyes saw that day, one of the few times I'm glad i didn't look thru the lens to see it..........the second picture i wanted to make sure i got my wife in.....a moment i will always remember , can't wait to go back next year..


Selfies helped me get work

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so for the last few years people have had a lot of different outlooks of photography especially with introducing iPhones to the world bringing a fairly decent camera into everyones hand at all times , normally i am against using iPhones for work but here in Vegas people enjoy there selfies on rooftop parties more then possibly anywhere in the world, a talent group i work with had a great idea to use a colorful character at parties to walk around and get selfies with the guest at the party, so basically you have girls walking around with iPads taking selfies with the guest and immediately text the photos to the guest, sounds pretty cool photos are not amazing quality but the upside for me is this opened the guest up to taking pictures and the client wanted a professional also taking pictures along with the girls selfie pics, so its basically a package deal now, guests get there selfies , i get people open to taking pictures with a good attitude, and client gets pro photo results. its a win win for everyone......still not a fan of selfies personally but this ended up being a fun job 

My Photoshop Journey

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Hello , 

So as you can tell by the title this will be about my thoughts and the powers of the infamous photoshop, most people use this phrase anytime something has been modified in an image and don't know what it really does or what it (IMO) should be used for , when i first started in the art field i was in high school, i didn't know anything about photography but i was learning graphic design and photoshop was the newest thing , all i knew was if i took a picture and added filter on it , it made it.... "cool" ... that was the end all of it for me.  now fast forward 12 years and i am now a full time photographer and dancer and I'm trying to learn the newer version of this ....man things have changed........ 

So about 2 years ago when i started taking my photography seriously (learning exposure triangle, off camera flash, metering, composition , the ART of it ) (Most of the skills i was learning was because of photographers like Zack Arias and David hobby so many thanks to them for making downloadable lessons  WHICH I PURCHASED LEGIT ) i was pretty anti photoshop, because i think back to those days of me in high school just hitting buttons and making things "cool" now i (and i also have run into clients) and people that think you can change and do anything in photoshop, technically you can, but to me just seems like a waste of time to correct something i could have done in camera, But being an artist at heart, what about those times where i want to make something great into something amazing....or something normal to something crazy and truly create something  ....and it hit me and i have realized that photoshop it can be whatever you make it.....for me i have made it a tool , not a necessity Im not really interested in turning a model into a thiner porcelain doll version of themselves and  i can happily light and work an image in camera and be perfectly fine with giving it to a client with minimal re touching if any because i am confident in my skills behind the camera. so as of late i have worked on a concept from start to finish and created images with photoshop that can't really be done otherwise.......i want to basically make something that looks like it could be out of a movie or video game or a dream for that matter. So the last few months i have been studying websites like Phlearn.com and have purchased and watched tutorials that have really helped me achieve a better understanding for what photoshop is and what it is not......again for me its a tool.....if i can do everything in camera i 100% will but if i needs that extra magic then i will use all the tools in my bag at the end of the day to produce the best image possible.......BUT my one rule to myself is it will be done with using photoshop in mind from start to finish. 

so leads me to the image below.

about a year ago when i first moved to Las Vegas we had this crazy storm....and after it finished we had this amazing set of clouds so naturally i wanted to do a shoot, i called a friend last minute (Thanks Masi)  to help me assist and another to model....and BAM i had an image with an absolutely amazing background and i would still with 100% confidence post this picture as is with no editing (and i have) But i always wished even before i started the shoot ....."i wish i got this while it was raining".....so that brings me to this edit below. 


So the image below was out of camera with dancer Dezmin "Alpha Jack" you might have seen him on SYTYCD this season





The image below was with some dodge and burn techniques (I've just learned that this is a thing about 2 months ago and just now got the hang of it ) love what this does to images adds tons of contrast and just really makes the images pop.  

After dodge and burn lens flare correction

Its a change to me only adds to the photo rather then correcting an image that was poorly executed .....

SO in short ....photoshop is fresh.... but even better when you know what your using it for..and even better when you know how to actually take a picture.......

So my suggestion start with the camera when you got that.....add a light or two ....when you got that....maybe learn a thing or two on photoshop if thats the type of artist you want to be....it definitely is not for everyone ...but for me..... i will use it to further push my art and continue to create ......but at the end of the day my work starts in camera. 

Tim Salaz


Randmvision Video ?

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So a few months back i shot a really good friend of mine Ricky Barazza and he was just getting starting off painting and since then has been travailing international with David Garibaldi and has improved and made some amazing stuff, i wanted to share the video i did while we were doing some promotion photos for his work. 


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so i finally might make the change over to a mirrorless system, now that i have been reguraly busy with photography work one thing i have learned is hauling gear is no fun , in fact it sucks, (pardon my language) so one of the biggest reasons for the switch mostly is the weight and the video capture. since video is becoming a part of the game as well its important to stay relevant, hopefully when i do go mirrorless the system i choose won't let me down, but i am def ready to shed some weight this year .

First entry, so.......hello !

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so this is my first blog entry , so I'm gonna keep it short , and I'm going to elaborate on this a bit more in the future, but i officially entered the race to become a photographer last year....i worked on a cruise ship out of florida/Nola  and during that time I was able to acquire the gear I wanted and also gain some experience, i studied a lot of books, purchased a bunch of downloadable lessons ( paid for them btw ) from Zack Arias, Mark Wallace, David Hobby, Peter Hurley , practiced a lot with a ton of different people basically on an all white backdrop for about 5 months, did my first shoot outdoors with flash about 10 months ago.....all that said....what have i learned......well the first thing is people appreciate a fresh approach, people also appreciate things for free. but ill get into that in a separate post, but if i learned one thing ....that i would suggest people take to heart.....please learn how to use light.....if its the pop up flash on your camera. or one you buy for off camera use, creating and modifying light is really when (IMO) you become a photographer......so take that for what you will but ill be posting more in the future, and they will get better, i just speedballed this one to get some thoughts out, but gotta start somewhere.....talk to you guys soon......

go make something cool.