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First entry, so.......hello !

Timothy SalazComment


so this is my first blog entry , so I'm gonna keep it short , and I'm going to elaborate on this a bit more in the future, but i officially entered the race to become a photographer last year....i worked on a cruise ship out of florida/Nola  and during that time I was able to acquire the gear I wanted and also gain some experience, i studied a lot of books, purchased a bunch of downloadable lessons ( paid for them btw ) from Zack Arias, Mark Wallace, David Hobby, Peter Hurley , practiced a lot with a ton of different people basically on an all white backdrop for about 5 months, did my first shoot outdoors with flash about 10 months ago.....all that said....what have i learned......well the first thing is people appreciate a fresh approach, people also appreciate things for free. but ill get into that in a separate post, but if i learned one thing ....that i would suggest people take to heart.....please learn how to use light.....if its the pop up flash on your camera. or one you buy for off camera use, creating and modifying light is really when (IMO) you become a photographer......so take that for what you will but ill be posting more in the future, and they will get better, i just speedballed this one to get some thoughts out, but gotta start somewhere.....talk to you guys soon......

go make something cool.