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Ever see something so amazing pictures can't even describe it.

Timothy SalazComment

Rise Festval

So last year me and my wife purchased tickets to something called the Rise Lantern festival here in Las Vegas , i didn't go.....not because of my own doing, but i ended having a medical issue and was unable to attend, so this year i made a promise to myself and her that no matter what happened we would go, so come around 10 months later tickets are on sale....and the price was higher then last year ...no biggie but we made it work, i skipped out on 2 gigs...which tempted me from missing it again...but i still said no , i am going,  it was either go to an event i have wanted to see my whole life or make a little extra money.... we starting driving to the event and all the sudden we were stuck in complete grid lock .... about hour into waiting i wanted to throw in the towel and head back home, but i was determined to make this work, we stuck it out, i broke a few traffic laws and we made it into the event, and got a good spot, we waited to set off our lanterns in anticipation of the group launch at 9pm.....they gave us pens to draw on our lanterns , i dedicated sections of my lanterns to friends , family , love ones and inspirations .......we lit the lantern and at 9:02 we let it go....i was distracted at first just making sure we did it correctly that i didn't see what it looked like behind me at first......i turned around and felt something i have only felt a handful of times, my wife in her wedding dress being one ......so floored visually that i actually didn't take a picture of that exact moment, i kept that one for myself........but at the next launch i got this photo, to be honest nothing will ever match what my eyes saw that day, one of the few times I'm glad i didn't look thru the lens to see it..........the second picture i wanted to make sure i got my wife in.....a moment i will always remember , can't wait to go back next year..