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Selfies helped me get work

Timothy SalazComment

so for the last few years people have had a lot of different outlooks of photography especially with introducing iPhones to the world bringing a fairly decent camera into everyones hand at all times , normally i am against using iPhones for work but here in Vegas people enjoy there selfies on rooftop parties more then possibly anywhere in the world, a talent group i work with had a great idea to use a colorful character at parties to walk around and get selfies with the guest at the party, so basically you have girls walking around with iPads taking selfies with the guest and immediately text the photos to the guest, sounds pretty cool photos are not amazing quality but the upside for me is this opened the guest up to taking pictures and the client wanted a professional also taking pictures along with the girls selfie pics, so its basically a package deal now, guests get there selfies , i get people open to taking pictures with a good attitude, and client gets pro photo results. its a win win for everyone......still not a fan of selfies personally but this ended up being a fun job