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How I got the shot part 1

Timothy SalazComment

so i am going to start making videos on these as well, not anything super how to , but just for people that are curious if this is in camera or after the fact, or if its a lighting thing . etc ...so here was a situation that i had a basic office room , i cleared out the room and was able to get a good amount of space from the wall about 15-20 feet, i was standing in the hallway shooting into the room but hey it worked. i knew i was not really going to be able to get full body shots, (this gig was to get photos of a costume theme package for an entertainment company here in vegas catalog fyi) so i went 3/4 on all the images mostly and got some closeups. I used 2 lights , one directly behind the subject with a standard 6 inch reflector and a blue gel (this changed depending on the character, example little red riding hood was red) then i added a small hotshoe light into my 4 foot octa with a grid and bam , theres thats all she wrote, i shot these at iso 100 at 2.8. Client was happy, so i was happy, photos needed to be delivered next day. so this is with little to no editing done. i might tweek them a little more in post later to give it a little extra something but thats the run down, shoot me a comment if you have questions !